Preparing For A Successful Camping Trip

A Quick Guide To RV Camping Near Trees

RV parks feature many different designs and layouts. If you enjoy RV camping close to nature, then you may consider a parking spot near groups of trees. The trees provide a true touch of nature and some extra privacy outside of traditional parking spots. As you plan your trip, follow some tips to make the most out of the experience and prevent any major problems.

Use RV Roof Covers

When you park underneath a tree, you have the comfort of extra shade, but you may deal with some inconveniences along the way. Branches, leaves, bird droppings, and sap can all prevent problems for the roof of your RV. The roof of an RV is hard to clean, so you can help reduce the process with an RV roof protector.

Waterproof liquid protector is available, but you can add easy protection with the use of a fitted tarp. After parking and settling into the camping location, you can lay the tarp over the roof. On your last day at the campsite, you can pull the tarp down and hose it off. The roof will remain cleared off, and you won't have to worry about excessive damage.

Tree Branch Uses

If you examine the trees found at the RV park, you should look for strong and sturdy branches. As you camp, the branches provide a lot of extra use. If you swim, you can hang up wet clothes and towels to dry.  Attach hangers to the branches so you can easily hang up garbage bags. The elevated bags will help deter animals from trying to get into your garbage and access food.

Utilize two trees to hang up items like a hammock. A hammock will really extend your seating options and provide some extra comfort.

Satellite Connections

One of the downfalls of parking an RV in a wooded area is finding a proper satellite connection. You may rely on a satellite signal for cable TV or internet. Instead of having a static antenna on the top of your RV, consider the purchase of a portable satellite receiver with a tripod built-in.

You can find a clear patch of sky near your RV and place the receiver down to establish a connection. Once the connection is found, it should last for the duration of your RV camping trip.

The more you take RV trips, the more you will learn how to take advantage and thrive in lush forest settings filled with trees.

To learn more about your RV camping options, contact an RV campground.