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Thinking Of Staying At An Extended Stay RV Park? What To Know Before You Book

If you are tired of towing your motor home around and you are ready to put it in one location, you'll want to consider an extended stay RV park. This allows you to enjoy one area if you have enough to do at the facility.

These spots will book up fast at RV parks, so you want to make your reservations right away. Here are some of the things to investigate when you want something semipermanent. Look into these things.

Extended Stay RV Park

When looking for an extended stay RV park you want to want to consider these different things to determine if you will enjoy your stay or not. Here are the questions to ask about each park:

  • Costs per day, week, month or season
  • Cost for additional utilities or hookups like water, electricity, and internet or cable
  • Amenities at the park for entertainment and more
  • Turn over for guests and available extended stay spots
  • Nearby stores and shopping options
  • Rules and regulations for tenants and campers

Be sure you know what quiet hours are if there are regulations on water consumption and more. You want to know before you pay the fees if there is a restriction that will be a problem. There are many facilities with pool memberships, boat slips, and more.

Proper Insurance

You never know what may come up when you are moving around between RV parks and even at an extended RV park. Talk with the insurance provider about:

  • Theft and vandalism
  • Liability with people on your site or in your RV
  • Weathering concerns
  • Transportation coverage

Talk with the extended-stay park to see if they require you carry any type of insurance along with your proper plates. You don't want to get caught without proper coverage.

You want to check out any RV park before you commit to staying there for an extended amount of time. You want to find out if there are a lot of wild campers that come through or if it's a camping location where families and people come to enjoy some quiet relaxation. Get the information that you need by staying at the facility in person and looking at the location of the extended-stay sites in advance. You also may have to worry about getting on a good part of the campground, or getting the location you want if you are there for an extended stay.

Talk to an RV park to learn more.