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Why RV Camping Is A Good Way To Go Camping With Your Kids

If you enjoyed fun times camping as a kid, you're probably anxious to introduce your own kids to the joys of camping in nature. However, times are different now, and you may have second thoughts about using a communal bathroom or shower with young kids. Plus, you may worry about the safety of tent camping partly due to the animals you may encounter and partly due to being alone with strangers. The solution to these problems is to take your kids camping in an RV that you own or rent. Here's why RV camping is ideal for kids.

You Have A Private Bathroom

One of the best things about camping in an RV is having your own bathroom so you have privacy and so your kids can go in the middle of the night without you having to trek to the shower house with them. Also, you can be certain of the sanitary nature of your own bathroom, while you have to worry about your kids being exposed to germs in a communal bathroom or fungus in a communal shower.

It's Easier To Pass Time In The Rain

While being stuck in a tent while it's raining has some charm because your family is forced to entertain themselves and interact in new ways, the experience can get old quickly. If the weather isn't cooperating with your vacation and you have a long rainy spell, your kids will be occupied better in an RV that is somewhat similar to a house rather than roughing it for hours in a tent. You could watch movies or play card games at a table and enjoy your vacation whether it's raining or not.

Meal Preparation Is Easier

Your RV may have a refrigerator, microwave, and burners for cooking. While you might enjoy cooking outdoors part of the time, there may be days when you need to make meals in a hurry or you just want to get inside and away from mosquitoes while you prepare a meal.

You Don't Have To Miss An Authentic Experience

When you camp in an RV, you can still cook outdoors and pitch a tent for sleeping next to your RV if that's allowed by the campground. This gives you the best of both worlds and a chance to break your kids into tent camping slowly. When the kids get bored with the tent, they can use the RV so they stay occupied and happy without wearing down your nerves. If you only go camping with a tent, you have to set up camp in an area reserved for tents only and you are stuck in a tent no matter what happens with the weather.

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