Preparing For A Successful Camping Trip

Preparing Your Teen For Their First Overnight Camping Excursion

If you have a teenage son or daughter and you believe they would benefit from a week-long camping trip to give them experience in the outdoors and social skills, you are most like excited yet apprehensive about the adventures they will soon be involved with. Preparing your teen for a trip away from home if they have never had one in the past can be a bit frightening for both yourself and your child. Here are some tips you can use to make the prospect comfortable for you both.

Take A Trip To The Campsite Beforehand

It is a good idea to take a day trip to the camp you wish to send your child to before the session begins. This will give you both the opportunity to see first-hand what the sleeping quarters look like and to familiarize your teen with the activities they will be able to enjoy when they are at camp. Your child will be able to meet some of the counselors they will be learning skills from and will have a sneak-peek at the grounds as well.

Involve Your Teen With The Packing Process

A camp will provide you with a list of items your teen will need to bring along for their stay. Go over the items with your child to make sure they already have them in their possession. You'll need to take a trip to a store or a visit online to purchase any items that your teen doesn't already own. Ask your teen for specifics on their preferences when it comes to clothing styles and colors or sizes of bags they wish to carry. Your son or daughter may be excited to pick up a few new items, and they will feel as if they are involved in the packing a bit more if they have a choice in which items they purchase.

Allow Your Teen To Keep In Touch With Others

If the camp allows your teenager to bring along a cell phone, laptop, or tablet, do not discourage them from bringing one of these items with them. If you are worried about an electronic device getting lost or damaged, consider purchasing or borrowing a cheaper model to use for the camping trip. This will allow your teenager to keep in touch with their friends as well as you and the rest of their family while they are away. This will give your teenager a sense of security at a time when they may feel vulnerable if they do not know others at the camp.

For additional advice, contact summer camps in your area.