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The Delicious History Of (And Tempting Recipes For) S'mores

It doesn't really matter what kind of a camper you are -- whether you find the most enjoyment from sleeping on the ground in a tent, living in luxury in an RV, or somewhere in between, there's no doubt you've tried a s'more in your lifetime. When you think about it, the name seems a little strange for the delicious treat, but like everything else in the annuls of history, the moniker has an important place. Without putting together the classic ingredients of marshmallow and chocolate (stuffed between two graham crackers, of course), the sweet tooth of campers across the world would never be as satisfied. As you prepare for your next camp out, savor the history behind the snack and consider adding a modern twist to the recipe:

Give Me S'more

While the actual day, month, and year are unknown, historians claim that the first s'more was created at some point in the 1920s. The first recorded recipe published for campers was released by none other than the Girl Scouts of America in 1927 (who are generally credited for the invention of the snack). As the simple recipe of the classic three ingredients continued to catch on, it became clear that campers couldn't get enough of the sweet treat.

The snack's famous name has a simple history: once invented, people couldn't get enough of the treat and asked others if they could have "some more." Quickly the phrase changed from "give me some more" to "give me s'more," and the name was stuck on the pages of history.

New Age, New Flavor

As important as the history of this delicious snack can be, modern takes on the classic recipe to include more (or different) ingredients have become increasingly popular. While some claim that nothing can top the original, you have the freedom to invent and experiment with the recipe as much as you want! When you plan for a warm campfire, grab a toasting stick and consider bringing along a few of the following items to try these amazing twists on the campground favorite:

  • For the peanut butter fan: instead of using a regular chocolate bar, try using a peanut butter cup.
  • Instead of grabbing two pieces of graham cracker, try sweetening the deal with two chocolate chip cookies.
  • If you love the music and sounds of Elvis, consider trying his favorite sandwich in the form of a s'more. The ingredients? In addition to the classic three, add bananas, bacon, and peanut butter. It may sound crazy, but thousands of people agree with Elvis!

The next time that you settle in at a campground like Longriders RV Park, try creating your own signature s'more!